Hoge Aerospace Institute

Hoge is going to space

Mission: HAI will harness the power of Decentralized
Finance to empower individuals, advance technological understanding, and progress the meme language form

to a purposeful communication tool.

The first community funded crypto satellite in space

What is a cubesat?


A CubeSat (U-class spacecraft) is a type of miniaturized satellite for space
research that is made up of multiple cubic modules of 10 cm × 10 cm × 10 cm
size. CubeSats have a mass of no more than 1.33 kilograms (2.9 lb) per unit,
and often use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components for their electronics
and structure. CubeSats are put into orbit by deployers on the International
Space Station, or launched as secondary payloads on a launch vehicle.

The Basic Essentials

Solar Panels
Battery Pack
OS Thermal Management
Communications (Transciever / Antenna / Radio)
Altitude Control (Orientation)
Orbital Control (Propultion)

Possible HogeSat Use-Cases

Bio Experimentation (Growing Chili Peppers in Space)
VOC Measurements
Particle Measurements
Technological Demonstrations
Orbital NFTs
Laser Engraving
LCD Screen Display (Memes in Space)
Selfie Stick
Orbital Cameras
Community Built Home Antennas

CubeSat Stakeholders

Those who have a vested interest in our success

 The most important stakeholder…
YOU! Community involvement and
interaction is and will always be the
cornerstone of everything we do.

 Science missions that endeavor to
progress the goals of the humanity.

Both institutional and private
industry, more will be released in
the following weeks regarding
identity and involvement .

Project Funding

                                                                                                                                         Cost Est. 300k 

Hoge Community

Once the time of launch gets closer, we will hold a community fundraising event to give the community the ultimate stake in the project. We will however work with our institutional partners and private industry to keep the cost to the community as low as possible

Institutional Partners

We are in the final  stages of securing multiple major partners in public development as well as higher education institutions that offer us a wealth resources and connections. Once final risk assessments are completed, full partners will be announce.

Private Industry

Many individuals as well  companies have different incentives to assist in funding such a program. Whether is be a company who wants to see one of their instruments used in space or a wealthy crypto investor who  understands the broader scope of this project, we intend to explore all avenues while vowing to always put the community first.

Who is HAI?

Filled Positions

– Atmospheric Scientist PhD
– Chemical Engineer PhD
– Astrophysicist PhD
– Deep Space Data Analyst
– Software Developer
– Embedded Stack Developer


Long Term Goals

 Hoge cubesat is only the beginning

Community Outreach

 Not only do we want to innovate, but we plan on bringing those innovations and resources to communities and schools who wouldn’t otherwise have access. The more we can inspire, the more we can achieve.

Satellite Program Development

 After the successful launch and deployment
of the first hoge cubesat, we can then focus
on larger more intricate satellite projects.
This includes the possibility of a lunar orbital
satellite, quite literally sending hoge to the

HogeWORKS Labs

 Through the encouragement of our partners, we are currently exploring the possibility of setting up a permanent lab. HogeWORKS would not only serve as a lab for development, but also a hub for community involvement and hands-on activity.

Rockets and Propulsion

 One of the biggest costs of sending anything in to space is the act of actually getting itthere. Partnering with NASA CSLI to reduce the costs is the first step, learning to develop our own means propulsion is the next.